the stay at home collection

Over my Christmas break and over weekends up to the beginning March, I went out and made quite a few on-site sketches. On trips like these I will complete a variety of sketches on different types of paper. One sketchbook I take with me has a somewhat heavier paper and can handle wet and dry media – up to a point. I will also use another couple of sketchbooks for working out a variety of compositions that may or may not make it to a canvas as an oil painting.

During the first four weeks of the stay-at-home order I was able to get all caught up on adding watercolor washes to all the drawings I made over the winter months. For some I also used other media such as colored pencils and artist crayons. Some I feel are definitely finished while others I am unsure of but that will just have to sit for a while before I come back to work on them. If at all.

Now, on to some plein air oil painting in the yard and more drawing!

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