rolling along

The school year, such as it is, is drawing to a close and I’m rolling along with the painting.

I made two watercolor/mixed media paintings of a lavender bush in one of our flower gardens, finished an oil painting I started a few months ago and started right in on another oil painting.

The watercolor pieces are in keeping with the coreopsis paintings I did. Primarily done plein air and worked on in the studio as I felt necessary. None with any real plan and still drawn from life and emotional sensibilities.

These two oil paintings are composed of on-site sketches and photographs. I’m working on them exclusively in the studio. I have so many different ideas I want to explore that it’s nice to switch around from studio painting, plein air painting, and watercolor painting. Helps me avoid getting into a mental rut.

Summer break will start soon with school officially ending (the school year was over for all intents and purposes once we were sent home in March) and I’ll keep rolling on along. It’s always nice having the opportunity to give my painting greater attention over the summer. The only distraction is trying to get caught up with projects around the house.

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