it’s going

School is officially over for this year and that is quite a relief. Now I should be able to clear out that space in my head for time painting in and out of the studio.

I did the two Juliet tomato watercolor/mixed media pieces a few weeks ago and then this evening I got out after dinner and started one of some Nasturtiums. The gardening is my wife’s thing, I’m pretty much just the labor, but then I take care of the building projects too. At any rate, it’s been great having so much subject matter to choose from for paintings. I’m thinking we will build our own little Givrney here.

I have also returned to the studio a few times and made some progress on an oil painting I started a month or so ago. This one is giving me a fit with color mixing. For whatever reason I have decided it is important to pay close attention to my color choices and that can get a bit frustrating. However, I might be exaggerating about my frustrations with this painting a good little bit.

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