summer break’s almost over

Teachers will be reporting back in about two weeks and then the students a week after that. Right now we have a half-in/half-out plan for students to return but it looks like we may end up going fully remote. We’ll see.

On to better things – I have been fortunate to have a couple of commissions over the summer and am very thankful for that. Since March I have spent a lot of time with my watercolor paints, more than usual it seems, and have just this week put them down for a bit to get back to some oil painting. I managed to get one oil painting finished just before getting tied up with the commissions and just this week I have started two new oil paintings.

It is so refreshing to be painting in oil again and to be painting large format too! However, I know I’ll be picking the watercolor brushes back up soon. Can’t stay away from any of it for too long.

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