December – still making art

Since school started back I have been all discombobulated. As soon as I would find a rhythm there would be a disruption and then another and then another. Despite all of that turmoil I still made sure I took the time to draw or paint no matter how irregular it was.

Here is a update on all that I have managed to do in the face of a very frustrating school year.

These two oil paintings I started at the end of the summer are still on the easel. Over Thanksgiving break I went in to the studio and made a big push on the painting on the left. Almost forgot how much I love oil painting! At one point I was laying the paint on so thick I thought I might as well just start rolling around in it.

We have a fig tree that was doing poorly in the ground and we finally dug it up to put it in a pot. The fig tree is much happier now. I am very captivated by this tree and so I sat out to do a couple of watercolors of it which turned into this mass of drawings/watercolors you see here.

I have done a few other small watercolors which you can find on my Instagram feed.

While working on a commission (I have been very fortunate this fall to be commissioned to do several small watercolor paintings) I managed to distract myself with these drawings. They started out as warm-ups before working on the commission but I think they are turning into a project all their own.

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