steady, not necessarily slow but not exactly fast

There’s been plenty going on since my last post in March, much that I am thankful for. I completed a commission and have two new ones ready to get underway. So that’s pretty exciting. I started work last month on a new personal painting project. As always the school year keeps me busy and despite the unusual circumstances that have dominated the school year, I had a great time with the students and they accomplished some amazing things in the shop.

My personal project is for a series of paintings that I unknowingly started last year when I did a plein air painting looking down my street. Continuing with that initial painting, I am going on around the cul-de-sac I live on. This idea was inspired by a photograph I took one evening of a particularly amazing sky. Also, I have resolved that all of my oil paintings will be done plein air or from life, at least primarily, further inspiration for the series.

Other thoughts for new work are brewing which involve a much smaller format than I have traditionally used. I purchased a few 6″ x 8″ canvases and made a few 6″ x 8″ panels too. If I had to guess, this new work will be some plein air “sketches” using oil paints.

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