starting the year

As usual, It’s been months since updating. I found this meme that pretty much sums it up. I’m sure many of you will relate.

Christmas break was very productive and I’m ready for the new year. I did a lot of prep work and started on two new paintings. I also have two small 6″ x 9″ paintings I started en plein air on a short vacation in November. These are part of what has shaped up to be a short series of five paintings. One was finished up last week. The paintings range in size from the two smaller 6 x 9s to one large 32 x 36.

I have two more canvases laid out of the houses on my street, one of which is my house! This will wrap up that series. I decided to redo one of the previous paintings and that’s one ready to go as well. After that I have some ideas to expand the work into a broader series of suburban residential landscapes, something I’m really excited about.

Since I’m not feeling especially chatty right now and since drawing and painting comes easier than words, I’ll wrap this up by just showing you what’s been going.

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