oil painting, at last!

After a variety of distractions I had time in the studio today to get back to some oil painting. I have been missing it and it’s always such a pleasure. Got back to work on this little landscape of some ghost cypress, river marsh and highway overpass. This particular painting is all from a photographic reference.

The other painting there just laid out is from a sketch I made on site and will be completed from a photographic reference. Then who knows, it’s an easily accessible site and once started perhaps I’ll grab my field box and go out to finish it up. Crazy talk!

drawing versus painting

Drawing is undoubtedly one of my most favorite activities and always has been. It’s difficult to say if painting is a close second or is tied for first. Drawing is definitely convenient and highly portable. Drawing is just an essential activity for me.

These are sketches from this weekend and last from little trips around the area. There’s Airlie Gardens, Moore’s Creek National Battlefield, and Oakdale Cemetery.

Not sure if I’m avoiding my paintbrushes or not, procrastination perhaps but then there’s a lot of other chores, art-wise and more, that keep me busy. As much as anything it’s having the block of time my mind likes to have in order to get wrapped up in painting.

For the moment I figure all the sketching is just researching and reconnaissance.

back on site and is it finished?

Made some time this past Sunday to get back on site to work up one of my watercolors. Before I knew it I was making new sketches to expand the view and now I’m feeling a new oil painting coming on.

“Is it finished?” One of the more annoying questions and one asked of oneself as much or more than anyone else. In this case, yes, it is finished.

Most of the time I just get to a point where I’m satisfied to leave the painting alone. This time I was quickly reaching a point where I was telling myself “Stop! Stop! You’re going to fuck it up!” So I stopped. It’s finished.

Working in the studio tonight

Went in the studio this afternoon and back again this evening to add some watercolor washes to the remaining sketches I made over Christmas break. There’s always some nostalgia I enjoy when making these paintings since for several years this is what I did as a kid taking art lessons.

Not particularly thrilled with these two so I think a field trip is in the making this Saturday. I’ll go all multimedia on these with some colored pencils plein air style for starters. After that, who knows?

was itching to get some watercolors done

Over Christmas break I got out to do some walking through our local state parks and do some on site sketching. Also, my wife gave me some very nice new watercolors as a Christmas present. I was getting very anxious to get back into the studio to add some watercolor washes to the sketches and finally got to that this past week. At least one will be worked up some more, most likely with graphite, colored pencils, and crayon. I sneaked in one sketch I did on the iPad.

another one started

I was able to get into the studio Saturday and Sunday this past weekend which gave me an opportunity to get this painting going while the other could sit and dry. Working two paintings at a time may seem pretentious but for me it’s about the ability to keep working. I find there are many advantages to keeping a few projects going on at any one time – this includes the work I do in the classroom with my high school students.

on the easel right now

This one has been on the easel since late this past summer. Between other projects and teaching, then the onset of the holiday season, it has spent a lot of time just sitting around. Getting to live with it in progress this long has actually been productive. When I go into to the studio to work on it, I will spend at least a couple of hours painting. The big blocks of time are nice to have since there is quite a lot of detail to build up.