disruptions and transitions

Process isn’t just about the steps that go into making a single piece of art. I find that process is also the steps one goes through ahead of making any one particular piece. The steps that are not obviously focused on that one painting.

No doubt we have all been disrupted lately, for me it has been waiting to find out and figuring out how the teaching is going to go that has had the greatest impact on my well being and my ability to make art.

All that is to say the work posted here is part of the process I will often go through to get to one particular finished piece of art, especially when there is a transition or disruption. In this case the finished piece is the watercolor. Typically it’s a lot of random sketching and doodling that leads to a more focused drawing and then to painting.

Sometimes just diving into the painting works but even then there’s some degree of activity to clear my mind beforehand.

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